Matt Wilson!


The Scenic Route

Album Cover for The Scenic Route

“A band like this allows the music to go places and courageously goes along for the ride. While the destinations are of importance, how we get there is often what’s most rewarding. Smooth roads, bumpy roads, beautiful landscapes, weird detours and nice surprises all combine here for THE SCENIC ROUTE. We hope you enjoy the journey!” Matt comments about the recording.

Matt contributes four unique tunes including “The Scenic Route,” “25 Years of Rootabagas,” “Feel the Sway,” and “In Touch with Dewey.”

Also included are Ornette Coleman’s “Rejoicing,” Bobby Hutcherson’s “Little B’s Poem,” Pat Metheny’s “The Bat,” Thelonious Monk’s “We See,” Donald Ayler’s “Our Prayer” which is blended with John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” and a swinging version of “Tenderly.”

This recording is dedicated to the memory of saxophonist Dewey Redman
(May 17, 1931 – September 2, 2006)

Matt played with Dewey from 1994 to his passing, which happened just prior to the making of the album. Matt remembers Dewey fondly: “Dewey was a special musician whose sound and openness to all kinds of music made playing with him a treat. He was an incredible man and I loved him dearly.”

One of the most versatile and touted drummers in jazz, Matt Wilson is known for mixing things up and infusing his music with intelligence, humor and non-stop energy. A favorite of the college/progressive music crowd, he raps, recites Carl Sandburg’s poetry to his music and is known to wear wigs from time to time. Wilson can play one night with Ohad Talmor’s out MOB Trio and then keep rhythm the next for straight-ahead pianist, Bill Mays.

A composer, bandleader and an educator, Wilson’s versatility extends to his own bands. His last CD, Humidity, featured his most well-known group, the Matt Wilson Quartet, a formation of two saxophones, bass and drum. The CD was universally praised by NPR’s “Fresh Air,” The New Yorker Magazine and other prominent national outlets.

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