Matt Wilson!


As Wave Follows Wave

Album Cover for As Wave Follows Wave

Drummer Matt Wilson is one of the most inventive percussionists of the modern era. His eclectic way with the standard drum kit, as well as various percussion instruments and “found” sounds, is a marvel to behold. AS WAVE FOLLOW WAVE, Wilson’s first session as a leader, finds him in the company of three other unique musicians. Dewey Redman (saxophone) and Cecil McBee (bass) have both employed Wilson previously, and organist Larry Goldings shares Wilson’s youthful drive and exploratory qualities.

“This consistently surprising session is a gem that serves as a perfect introduction to the playing of Dewey Redman and the inventiveness of Matt Wilson.” - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

“It’s a first album by a promising artist who not only seems to have been diligent in preparation, but also succeeded gratifyingly in execution.” - All About Jazz

MWith compositions that range from Monk-like swing ("Bingo") and unabashed funk ("Blue Pepper") to expressive free-form ballads ("Tiny Prairie Landscape"), Wilson creatively dictates the texture of each piece from his unique perspective. Also included are several solo percussion pieces that display the depth of Wilson’s musicality and artistic range. The most significant piece is the passionate title tune, which culminates in the quartet’s round recitation of a verse by poet Carl Sandburg. Wilson is clearly in command of a vast creative reserve, and he will only continue to delight and surprise those who venture into his circle of influence.

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