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May have created a new genre-Garage Jazz. — Atlantic Monthly


In 1996 I started the Matt Wilson Quartet and my dream to have a working jazz band has been realized. Since that time we have delighted audiences throughout the world with our acclaimed recordings and exciting live performances. The guys in the band are not only extraordinary musicians but wonderful human beings who love to have a good time! They bring the music I compose and gather to life and make every performance memorable!

In our travels around the US, Europe and Australia*, we have played many nights of thrilling music, made a lot of friends, shared delicious food and drink, and have seen some breathtaking sights. We have also had the opportunity to expose thousands of students to improvisational music with our innovative educational workshops. We love interacting with the students and are looking forward to playing our MWQ plus big band charts more in the future.(they rock, the kids’ll love ‘em!)

The Matt Wilson Quartet is dedicated to bringing the music to the people. We perform music that is not afraid to challenge AND entertain. We have fun and so will you!

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Drummer Matt Wilson Put the 'Play' in Playing Jazz With His Quartet

Drummers have a reputation of being a little “different” than the rest of the players on the bandstand. There are jokes about drummers not being real musicians and how machines do their job better, often told by drummers themselves. No matter the genre, these musicians inarguably tend to march to the beat of their own making.

So with this in mind it shouldn’t be all that surprising that by the end of drummer Matt Wilson‘s set with his quartet, he had donned a wig, readjusted his cymbal stands so they stood ridiculously high (as metal drummers do), and ...

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Matt Wilson Quartet

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